We hate to do this, because we want to share the love, but there are hooligans everywhere (not you, of course) that like to take what isn't theirs... But more importantly, we want you, dear reader, to know exactly what can be done with the things we create, so you can live happily with the explicit knowledge of where the line has been drawn in the sand.

In short: All of our work is indeed copyrighted, and we reserve all commercial rights to our works (artwork, games, the things we write, and all other copyrightable things). However, we want you to have fun with our stuff, to be able to post screenshots and mix-and-match your own creations, so what follows lays out exactly how we're managing our intellectual property (in plain (though perhaps poor) English).


Some of our things will be trademarked. For instance, we are in the process of registering "Gerblins" as a trademark of Butterscotch Shenanigans. This means you can't create something branded with "Gerblins" that might confuse people about whether or not we (BShenani) created it. Unfortunately, if you infringe our Trademarks we have to send Lawyer Goons after you, otherwise the gov'ment will decide that we don't actually want that Trademark. So don't make us do that - we love you and it would make us sad :(.

This doesn't mean that you can't use the word "Gerblins" -- on the contrary! You can throw it around as much as you like. You just can't use the word to trick people into thinking that we endorse a product or some commercial venture of yours. When in doubt, just ask us!


As mentioned above, BShenani does retain all rights granted by U.S. copyright law to all copyrightable things we create. Particularly, we are retaining all commercial rights to our work. This means you cannot use our work (images, games) in any way that makes you money. Of course, you can always contact us to inquire about licensing our images/content for commercial purposes, which we would LOVE for you to do. Anyway, copyright law stuff is confusing and kind of a mess, so let's break it down further.


We reserve all rights for the distribution of our games and all associate files. We grant various vendors (Google Play, Apple Store, etc...) non-exclusive rights to do so, and otherwise distribute through our website. But unless you have it in writing from us, you cannot for example also host a download from your own websites. 

However, it's a different story for our other works. We would never want to cramp your social media style by saying "Don't post screenshots!" and "Quit making memes with Quadropi in them!" That would be douchey. So we're granting a non-exclusive license for everybody (including you!) to copy and distribute images we've created (so pictures of Gerblins, Chauncey, game screeshots) without any fear of us coming after you. The one huge condition is that you may not use these images in a video game. You also cannot claim the work as your own and that you cannot profit off of the work (as mentioned above). If you have questions about all this or want to negotiate some kind of licensing arrangement outside the terms of this document, just send us a message!

Derivative works

Derivative works are things where you take a work of ours (say, a picture of Chauncy the Rabbit) and change it or work it into a new copyrightable work. We totally encourage you to do this, and to distribute your creations according to the preceding section, with a few conditions (of course - getting tired of this?). Those derivative works must follow the same conditions as described above. You may not make derivative works in video game form. And, though it's already been said, you may not use those derivative works for commercial profit without first coming to an agreement with us about licensing details.

In Conclusion

You should assume that if something is not explicitly stated above, then we are totally reserving that right. If you're confused about something, shoot us an email (! And again, if you want to license our stuff for commercial things, also contact us! In fact, contact us for any reason!

Remember, we love you.

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