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4/5  "This is a game that deserves to be a big hit."  Gamezebo
"Quickly installed, launched, played, loved." Cnet 
"...It's addictive and it's simple fun, so you can't really go wrong playing it." eGamer

GERBLINS! GERBLINS EVERYWHERE! Innocent Blergs are infected and turning into vicious Gerblins! Only you can save them, armed with Professor Blerg's miracle cure: The GERBLIN POTION! Seamlessly blending influences from various classic genres, GERBLINS is an addictive logic game that will keep you poking at giant stacks of yellow, square-shaped Blergs for a Gerblillion hours. Featuring six playable game modes of varying insanity with 36 levels in each, GERBLINS will provide a challenge for anyone and everyone who has a brain and enjoys using it!

Professor Blerg: He made a Gerblin Potion.

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