Quadropus Rampage Crashlands Flop Rocket
Quadropus Rampage endless roguelike brawler Crashlands epic survival RPG Flop Rocket physics-y arcade aviation


Quadropus Rampage Towelfight 2 : The Monocle of Destiny Flop Rocket
Quadropus Rampage endless roguelike brawler Towelfight 2 action-RPG bullet-hell Flop Rocket physics-y arcade flight
Roidrage Narwhal Online Crashlands
Roid Rage arcade frustration Narwhal Online MSORLRPG - February 2015 Crashlands Action-Adventure Crafting Epic - Spring 2015

Jam Games (made in ~48 hours each)

We like to keep our game design and development skills extra sharp. For us, that means taking a break every once in a while from major project to build small games over the weekend. Check them out below (and remember that they were made on extremely short timelines!).

Games below were made on extremely short timelines - sorted from most recent to oldest.

  1. Goopidemic - 10 hours - stealth roguelike involving lots and lots of goo
  2. Extreme Burger Defense - 10 hours - overwhelming tower defense with cybernetic bears
  3. Freeway Mutant - 10 hours - endless runner, with crafting and a nice butt.
  4. Torso Demon Saga - 16 hours - cooperative adventure platformer
  5. Shep Hard - 48 hours - tower defense rpg shepherding, with lots of explosions - won 2nd place in indie speed run, 2013
  6. Shucks I Crashed My Space Ship - 8 hours - stealth action puzzler with exploding heads
  7. Elemental Deathpunch - 8 hours - Multiplayer arena brawler featuring steaks for some reason
  8. I Can't See Shit - 8 hours - blind puzzle platformer
  9. Death Wants to Help - 8 hours - point-and-click adventure
  10. Extreme Slothcycling - 8 hours - endless runner with an ab-rolling sloth
  11. I know CPR - 48 hours - cooperative platformer
  12. Bread Brothers - 48 hours - cooperative platform shooter, slap your slices together
  13. Towelfight of the Gods - 48 hours - precursor to Towelfight 2, your arms are bananas