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Flop Rocket

Flop Rocket physics-y arcade flight simulator
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Flop Rocket is a physics-based space-cave flight-simulator evasion-arcade RPG (totally a real genre). It's what you'd get by smashing Flappy Bird and Asteroids together, only WAY better than that sounds. Pilot your way through a massive cave system in hopes of making it to space, all the while blasting Space Ducks, nuking Space Worms, avoiding Space Stalactites and Stalagmites (sensing a theme here?). Upgrade the crap out of your rocket to become the most badass space-cave rocket-pilot there ever was!

The latest update includes full BscotchID integration and cross-game Perks, along with eight completely new ship upgrade tracks (including an auto-cannon for destroying Space Ducks!). Try it for free, then buy the game once and be done with it (none of that in-app purchase crap)!

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Awards and Reviews

#1 in Best New Games (February 26 - March 4 2015)
#3 Indie Android Game of 2014
Super Game Droid
Bronze Awared
Pocket Gamer