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Butterscotch Shenanigans, LLC is a fiercely independent game studio of three brothers (Adam, Seth, Sam) located in St. Louis, MO and Dallas, TX. We make mechanically tight, aesthetically pleasing, loop-driven games with a dash of story and a heaping ladle of absurdity. Our core game portfolio (Quadropus Rampage, Towelfight 2, Flop Rocket, and Roid Rage) is primarily designed for mobile, though we are shifting towards platform-agnosticism (meaning our games will play just as well on mobile and desktop) starting with our upcoming title, Crashlands. What allows this transtion is our new game service, BscotchID, now integrated into our core portfolio on iTunes and Google Play.

The Founders/Developers

The three of us have diverse backgrounds and skillsets, so that together we manage to cover all aspects of running an independent game studio. We all act as game designers and all decisions are made by consensus.

Seth Coster
game programmer
Though he had been passionately interested in game development for years, Seth had been unable to find an accessible entrance into the industry. And so he continued along a more "traditional" path, studying finance and economics at University of Northern Iowa, passing the CFA exam after graduation, and finally starting a joint Law/Business graduate program. Seth grew restless, and continued trying to self-learn programming. And then, serendipity! Sam stumbled upon a game development platform designed for easy entry and introduced Seth to it. From that moment on, all of Seth's free time was spent making games. He slowly came to realize that it was going to be possible, if he worked his ass off. And so, without a second look back, Seth left grad school and did work his ass off. Seth is now a GameMaker wizard, and is responsible for all of the game programming.

Sam Coster
vector artist and outreach/marketing
Without Sam, Butterscotch would not exist. It all started during college at Washington University in St. Louis when he created the first St. Louis Game Jam (a 48 hour game development weekend now held three times per year). Sam had never made a game, nor really done any programming, but in preparing for the jam stumbled across the newb-friendly development platform GameMaker. Having made his first game that weekend, Sam realized that GameMaker was the key to Seth's dream of becoming a game developer. As Seth's GameMaker skills subsequently grew, the potential for making this a Real Job™ became clear. And so after completing his Bachelor's in Psychology Sam joined Seth in making games full-time. Sam expertly crafts all in-game art assets, does user interface dsign for all Bscotch stuff (incuding games, websites, and BscotchID), and takes care of most studio promotion and outreach.

Adam Coster
web developer and data analyst
Like his brothers, Adam took a round-about path to becoming a game dev. His first love had always been Science, and he pursued this interest fervently from college at University of Chicago all the way through a successful PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology at University of Texas Southwestern. During those biology-focused studies Adam taught himself computer programming because it "seemed useful". He was later amazed at how much of an understatement that turned out to be. In the lab, Adam wrote programs to automate everything—from controlling robotic microscopes to analyzing the thousands of resulting images—which allowed him to quickly complete his dissertation. Adam learned something important during grad school: he loved Science™, but maybe not the practice of science, and he actually just loved solving problems. So why pass up the chance to create a video game empire with two of his favorite people? Adam created and continues to develop BscotchID, writes software to automate Seth's and Sam's tasks, and does fancy analytics number-crunching. He also hosts a rarely-updated personal blog, for the super nerds out there.

How to contact us

For support, start here.

For non-support stuff, you can fill out this form or post something in the forums. We love to hear from fans, fellow game devs and hobbyists, and students, so send us your comments and questions!

Note that we are not taking interns or hiring . If you are looking to get into game dev you can browse the info below, this blog in general, and our forums (we've scattered knowledge everywhere). Also note that we currently have a great box artist and music/sound composer (and we aren't looking to replace them!).

Please do not pitch game ideas to us, we already have more ideas and prototypes than we know what to do with. If you have a great idea, start making it yourself! Similarly, realize that there are many reasons why our games are designed the way they are (including time, technology, and financial constraints); if you have ideas for how we could improve existing games it's super unlikely that we'll actually implement those ideas (and have probably already thought through them -- we have long and far-ranging design discussions during development).


Knowledge Drop

We peddle the knowledge we gain from making games back into the community. If you are an indie dev or just want to learn more about how to make games, feast on the content below, and BE MERRY.

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Towelfight 2 Post Mortem and The Lessons We Learned
June 3rd. 2013 @ Riot Games, St. Louis 
We joined members of our local Game Dev Meetup and the St. Louis IGDA to give an in-depth analysis, including sales numbers, of our flagship game, Towelfight 2 : The Monocle of Destiny. We then change our model and show how we applied it to Quadropus Rampage, which came out a few days later. Special thanks to fellow indies the Happy Badgers for filming.

OH EFF! Monetization
October 21st, 2013 @ Captivate Conference, Austin TX
We took a critical look at our monetization practices in Quadropus Rampage and Towelfight and discuss the ways we went wrong, as well as propose a new way to think about monetization. It's not some enemy of the game developer, but rather an integral part of the design philosophy. Treating it antagonistically leads to results your players can feel, in a very bad way!

Loops and Rockets - Theory of Game Design
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Seth broke down a theory of game design to help others in attendance to identify where their game may've gone wrong. Was the game not fun? Or did it not get launched properly? This talk is so packed with information your eyes might explode. Take some NOTES.

June 2nd, 2014 @ Riot Games, St. Louis
We tackle the WHO, WHY, and HOW of makin' games fast, which is our creative bread and butter. If you want to know how to jam better or how to achieve a higher creative output this one is for you.

Microtalk Series
July 24th, 2014 @ Riot Games, St. Louis
Seth speaks on how to RIDE THE RISK DRAGON and Sam dives into the concepts of PROCESS. Lots of laughs and tears in this one, be aware!

Art for 2d Games - Indie style
July 24th, 2014 @ Riot Games, St. Louis
Sam speaks on INKSCAPE and makes the case for using it to make all your in-game assets. Other presenters demo cool tools for pixel art, creative inspiration, and kinematic animation.