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Freeway Mutant: Butterscotch Mini NUMERO DOS!

March 26, 2014

YOOO BSCOTCHES! We made another Butterscotch Mini on Monday this week, and we call it:
In this spin on the endless running genre, you play as a nude green mutant running along a broken-up freeway in post-apocalyptic Somewhere. As you run, you can acquire all manner of materials to continually upgrade your gun until you're TOTALLY ROCKIN' IT!

Also, the road is littered with active landmines and hideous mutants, and you have a pair of extremely smooth, round cheeks.

It was a fun challenge to slap this thing together in 10 hours (plus another two hours of rebalancing the next morning), and we plan on pumping out another one-day game in the very near future. We're even streamlining our process so we can go bigger and better next time!

Twitchy Streamy
Want to see the recording of the development process? Luckily, we streamed it on Twitch! Check it out here:

We'll also be streaming future development of our Butterscotch Minis on Twitch via our new channel,, so make sure to subscribe so you can see our BABIES being birthed!