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Towelfight 2 Beta Update (Android)

January 31, 2013

We've got an updated APK at the link here.

Remember that this version is a test version and will kill itself on March 1st, so SQUEEZE IN AS MUCH GAME TIME AS YOU CAN! And as always, we'd love to hear your feedback. You can comment on this post, email us, or just tap the "feedback" button in the in-game menu. Thanks for your support!

Towelfight 2 v0.0.48 APK Change Log after the jump


January 30, 2013

We're wrapping up TowelFight 2: The Monocle of destiny. While we don't yet have a gameplay video up, feast your eyes on this tasty screenshot while you wait.

Either that looks completely awesome to you or mostly awesome. Either way, we need your help for the last stretch and our DROID OPEN BETA!

Grab the APK.
Give us feedback in the comments or via this form.
*One known bug: if you minimize the game the sound mutes itself. This'll be fixed next week!

Keep in mind that it will impale itself on its own code (e.g., kill itself) on MARCH 1st, 2013. It is a beta version and is liable to crash/enterslowmo/trapyouinexplicably. But. The more times you manage to have that happen, and tell us about it, the better this game will be when it launches.

If you deliver to us a bug or note of feedback please be both constructive and specific, otherwise we can't fix the problem.

Best of luck to you adventuring in the world we've built. We sincerely hope you have a blast taking it for a test run. We guesstimate it clocks in at 8-12 hours of gameplay, depending on how big of a BAMF you are. If you beat the whole thing please let us know and tell us ALL OF YOUR THOUGHTS!

We're also planning a big website revamp in the coming weeks to get all these evolved color schemes under control.

In the mean time, wear some sweet sunglasses or something while you visit us.


5 Things Jamming Teaches You

January 29, 2013

Our development method was forged in the fires of a game jam. Seth and I are both self-taught in programming, art, and whatever else we've needed done over the past year to get our games going.
Over at the GGJ site this past weekend, throwin' brows
My intention in writing this little missive is to persuade those of you who do jam already to keep doing so, and those of you who have not yet participated in a game jam but are curious to take the leap into something wonderful.

5 Things Jamming Teaches You

  1. Constraints are Beautiful
  2. Consistency is Key
  3. Talk is Expensive
  4. Small Bites Taste Better
  5. You're Better Than You Think

GGJ2013 - I KNOW CPR! is complete and submitted!

January 27, 2013

I KNOW CPR! is a co-op platforming game designed to highlight, with hyperbole, the impact of bad health on society at large.

Two players join forces atop the same keyboard to pilot the heartattack-ridden Yell, the unhealthy character, across the map to the Defibrillator on the other end. Whomever is piloting Yell uses A and D to move left and right, space to jump, and shift to sprint.

THE TWIST! Yell's heart is basically exploding. Pin, a good person who knows CPR, leaps onto him at the start to pump his heart for him. Pin uses the NUMPAD and must rhythmically pump Yell's heart so the two can make it to the defibrillator.

Yell's heart behaves like a regular heart. If he increases his activity (by running, sprinting, or jumping), his heart rate needs go up, and Pin must keep up. If Yell gets scared (by falling or being chased by his inner demons), his heart rate increases as well.

The game is timed locally so teams can beat their high scores.

Music by Eric Skiff and Sycamore Drive.

(exe will be up soon. ggj site is having its own heart attack.)

GGJ2013 Update #2: Heart Attacks and Inner Demons

January 26, 2013

This is by far the best game jam we've ever had.

Adam, Seth and I all chock it up to the fact that this time, above all the others, we were able to find and claim a unique mechanic and unite ourselves around the theme in a more meaningful way.

While our game may look hysterical, we're actually using it to get at a bigger picture, which is perhaps the best modifier we could've chosen for this jam.

To that end, and update!


Your inner demons now come out if you're doing well. While they don't eat you or anything like a 'normal' game would, they increase the amount of stress on your heart, raising it by 5bpm to 30bmp depending on how close to you they are. The only way to escape is to a) have a heart attack or b) run far enough away from it that it goes off screen. With your mind safely rooted elsewhere you can return to freaking out about getting to an AED in time.

We're now working on intro/outro cinematics and a few surprises. Our last items will be on revisiting the design of the level, setting up personal scoreboards, taking care of the menu, and a few cleanups.

Here's to our best jam yet!

GGJ Update #1 - A Heartbeat

Now that the GGJ has swept across the globe we can safely talk about the theme without having counter-terrorists burst in our windows, guns flailing.

The theme for the GGJ this year is a heartbeat. Not the word, but the sound of an actual heartbeat.

When we heard it inside the auditorium Seth and I looked at one another and then quickly fled to a sandwich shop to do some preliminary brainstorming. We got Adam (the 3rd brother in this operation) on the line from Texas.

I was struck by an idea as we walked from the auditorium. What if we took something that's meant to be involuntary, a heartbeat, and made it into a voluntary action? What if the player of the game had to control their heartbeat as their character piloted around a level, increasing it as they jumped around and decreasing it if they were just sitting still? Better yet, what if one person controlled the heart, the other the movement, and you had to communicate with each other to make sure you didn't faint/burst in a shower of blood?

From this fragile foundation we've begun work on Project:HEART PUNCH. We've taken a bundle of the diversifiers into account, making the game co-op in a frantic way, touching on a bigger picture of the social costs of the obesity epidemic, and using a 16-bit color scheme that lends an air of acid trip to the game. As of this morning, we're all three well rested on a good 6-7 hours of sleep and are actually done with the core mechanic of the game!

From here to the next 36 hours it's a matter of cramming every kind of awesome we can into this thing to make players squeal with delight when they get their hands on it.

This is our JAM.

Global Game Jam ST. LOUIS

January 25, 2013

The Butterscotch development process was born from game jams.

We freakin love game jams.

So we're extremely excited for 5 hours from now when the St .Louis portion of the Global Game Jam launches at a university just a ways away. Over 100 people have signed up. We have shirts and food and a massive space. To call it epic would be quaint.

Our game from the last GGJ is what we based Towelfight 2 off of. You can find it over here if you want to see what kind of craziness we got into last year.

We use Gamemaker Studio to do the programming and Inkscape to do the art. Inkscape is free and Gamemaker is the closest to free you'll get for a powerful game creation tool ($100 bucks).

I use a laptop mouse to do the art, and I literally started arting at the last global game jam, when Seth and I basically drew straws.

We'll be tweeting with pictures of our progress and may even do some live streaming. Follow @BscotchShenani to stay in touch. It's going to be a wild ride!

#IndieNoon Campaign Begins Today

January 21, 2013

Beginning today at noon we started the #IndieNoon movement. Every day from here until forever, once the two hands of the clock overlap we take a 10 minute break to walk around outside. During that walk we take a pic of our feet on something (today's was a stump) and #IndieNoon it onto twitter.

I was inspired by #Screenshotsaturday on twitter, in which the community of indiedevs takes a moment to share a screenshot of their current project.

I hate sitting as much as anyone who has to do it for 9+ hours a day. After reading a bunch of studies on the horrible effects of sitting on human health, I decided that we could do better to support both healthiness, creativity, and notsittingdownfor12hoursinafreakinrow.

Here are some articles on how crappy it is to sit for so long, in case you want some SCIENCE to back up the reasoning of this movement.



The psychologist in me also wants you to know how sitting down is bad for your creative brain.

Psych Papers
From a book

Whether you're an indiedev or a corporate tax attorney or anything else, join us at noon everyday for a 10 minute break of fresh air, leg stretching goodness, and a punch in the face to cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Towel Fight 2 in the Works

January 5, 2013

We've been silent on the BLAHG front for a few weeks as we've been digging deeply into our next game, which we're pleased to announce as being a certain arrival on iOS and Droid devices sometime in the next few months.

Towel Fight 2: The Monocle of Destiny takes the form of a dualthumbstickshooter/roguelike/crafting/arenablasting/powerupusing/animalploding fist of joy. The concept itself is actually based on a game we made in 48 hours for the St. Louis Global Game Jam last January. You can get a taste of the original over here, though the new Towel Fight has many more layers of insanity than the old.

While we were already personally pumped about the project, our first round of testing, done by those Butterscotches on our newsletter, showed us that we may have stumbled onto something wonderful.

Moving forward, we're continuing to experiment with the game, diving into a new dungeon system, the ability to modify and build your own 'Jectiles (the animals you fire from your monocle [yes you read that correctly]), and a full blown story that may or may not bring tears to your eyes. TEARS OF JOY.

Below are a few excerpts from the newsletter we sent out on Friday of this past week. We include new enemies, weapons, general life updates for Butterscotch and, *gasp* playable versions for you to rub your gorgeously manicured hands over.

If the above, plus sassy writing, is of interest to you, don't hesitate to become a Butterscotch. It takes a village to raise an indie game studio. And, dare we say, you look fetching in a loin cloth.

Newsletter Excerpts

Probably shouldn't touch that.
'Jectile Spotlight
Yes. Yes it is.
The unicorn is one of the mythological weapons found in dungeons.
Reasons you want this in your clip:
  1. It's got blood that Voldemort wants.
  2. It's safer with you than in the wild.
  3. It will make you invincible... for about 1 second.
  4. It will make you run faster than the wind.
  5. Its mane makes Fabio rage with jealousy.
Reasons you can't have it:
You got destroyed by tiny gels in the dungeon and its entrance is now blocked by rubble.
Enemy Spotlight - Chop
He doesn't want to cleave you. Really. It's just that that thing gets super heavy and...well he likes being around you.
You're warm.
Chop flies around and occasionally drops his cleaver on your face. The longer he lasts the more tired he gets, and the faster he drops his cleaver. It's best to take him out of his miserable existence early, before you lose your head.