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Quadropus Rampage Patch 1.2.2 Coming to Android!

September 27, 2013

Here's what we have in store! Once we work out the kinks on Android, we'll bring this glorious patch on over to the iOS crowd.

Quadropus Rampage Patch 1.2.2
Projected Android release date: 9/27/2013 Projected iOS release date: TBA

Orb Resurrection
  • You can now spend orbs to resurrect! Orb resurrection will cost 50% of your orbs at the time of death. Doubloon resurrection remains unchanged. This way, players will always have the option to resurrect once in a run, even if they have no doubloons.
Jump-Ahead Feature
  • Players can now spend 50 doubloons to jump ahead to 500 meters on normal mode. This feature is only available to players who have surpassed 550 meters, and it is accessible through the game mode selection screen. Jumping grants you a high quality weapon and sets your Quadropus to level 25 (which is roughly what level you’d be had you run all the way to 500 meters).
  • No more hunting down that last enemy on a level! When there are no more enemies on screen, but there are still enemies around, red arrows around your character will point the way.
Backup Save System
  • In rare cases (like a battery dying mid-save), users’ save data was getting lost. To address this, a backup save system has been added and is fully automated. At certain points, the game will update the backup file automatically. Whenever you boot up the game, if the main save file is missing, it will load from the backup file instead.
In-App Purchase Changes
  • We have firmed up the distinction between orbs and doubloons. Doubloons can now only be purchased (except for a few one-off occasions), and orbs only drop in the world (they can no longer be purchased).
  • There are new bundle packs for skins, masteries, upgrades, and pets. These can be purchased through the store or through their respective menus.
  • The orb booster has been changed to a $2.99 item that is tied to your Google account, so it can now be restored.
  • We have added a “Mega Pack” which contains all of the other bundles, plus the orb booster, at a 30% discount.
  • All restorable IAP items are restored automatically upon booting up the game. We have also added a "restore purchases" button to the store page in case something falls through the cracks.
Bug Fixes
  • Enemies can no longer be damaged when the player is dead.
  • The D-pad should no longer stick and make you run in a random direction.
  • There was a memory leak that would build up over time as you went deeper. This should now be alleviated.


  1. Great update guys! Thank you for continuing to support your games with updates.

  2. Umm that's awesome but when going down dept 5000 all the drop item damage is 0 and no change enemy's health(just 2.1billion),character's damage is no more than 2.1billion too fix please

  3. Did de update also included a limitation per game of Lucky Coin?

  4. El mejor juego de Android lejos, los felicito grandioso

  5. I have all of the problems described in this patch. Did it ship????

    1. Are you on iOS? We haven't brought 1.2.2 to iOS just yet.

  6. When I change devices does my character and purchases follow me? So far, I'm playing on my tablet and when I downloaded the game on my phone, it's treated as a brand new account...

    1. Your save data does not follow you, but if you bought any of the bundle packs, those should come with if you have both devices tied to the same Google account.

  7. So i cannot continue progress on another device unless i pay you? but why

    1. I'm not sure what you're referring to from this post! There currently is no progress syncing feature in Quadropus, paid or otherwise.

      But the answer WOULD be: it costs us money to store, maintain, and transfer your data. So a better question might by why SHOULDN'T you pay for that service?