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#IndieNoon Campaign Begins Today

January 21, 2013

Beginning today at noon we started the #IndieNoon movement. Every day from here until forever, once the two hands of the clock overlap we take a 10 minute break to walk around outside. During that walk we take a pic of our feet on something (today's was a stump) and #IndieNoon it onto twitter.

I was inspired by #Screenshotsaturday on twitter, in which the community of indiedevs takes a moment to share a screenshot of their current project.

I hate sitting as much as anyone who has to do it for 9+ hours a day. After reading a bunch of studies on the horrible effects of sitting on human health, I decided that we could do better to support both healthiness, creativity, and notsittingdownfor12hoursinafreakinrow.

Here are some articles on how crappy it is to sit for so long, in case you want some SCIENCE to back up the reasoning of this movement.



The psychologist in me also wants you to know how sitting down is bad for your creative brain.

Psych Papers
From a book

Whether you're an indiedev or a corporate tax attorney or anything else, join us at noon everyday for a 10 minute break of fresh air, leg stretching goodness, and a punch in the face to cardiovascular disease and obesity.