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Chauncy FREE on Google Play

July 24, 2012

[EDIT: Chauncy is no longer available in any app stores. We had to take it down for a variety of technical reasons, and all of our time is spent developing new games so we have no plans to put it back. Sorry!]

Chauncy the Rabbit is now available on Google Play!

Fire up all of your droid devices (we know you have AT LEAST three) and head on over to the Market. Drop Chauncy in the search bar and

You've got instant access to our unlucky rabbit.

For you iOS users, we're still in the process of becoming registered developers with Apple, but we have not forgotten or forsaken you.

Chauncy FO' FREE (on your WINDOWS MACHINE)

July 11, 2012

To satiate your APPETITES (or hwhet your happetihite) we kicked out a totally free version of CHAUNCY that you can install on your Windows computer.

System Requirements:
ONE (1) MOUSE DEVICE (not this)
ONE (1) INDEX FINGER (right and left fingers accepted)
ONE (1) EYEBALL (any color is fine)
ONE (1) AWESOME B-SCOTCH (that's you, player of our game)

Here you GO

Chauncy Iphone Signups

We're working on the iPhone/iPad release, and we've heard people's wants to slap it on their apple device.

The apple developer process is a bit lengthy, and we don't want to waste anyone's time (except you, STEVE), so if you'd like us to shoot you an email when CHAUNCY goes leaping onto the apple market, fill out the fancy form below. We'll destroy the document that houses these addresses as soon as we send the email out, and won't use your emails for anything other than emailing your congressman about how Chauncy is so good it should be banned.


Hello, World

July 4, 2012

Welcome to the shenanigans.

We are three brothers who have but one goal in life: TO CREATE GLORIOUS GAMES. We're just getting started on our journey, but we're pumped to bring you our first release, Chauncy the Rabbit, available on Friday the 13th of July at the Amazon Android App Store. Coming to more stores soon!

We've got another great game called Gerblins coming through the pipeline, and we hope to have it out in a few weeks. So keep in touch!


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