[Ep18] Coffee w/ Butterscotch: A Red Bowl

September 2, 2015

Sam is still the hospital but is now stemcell-transplanted and just waiting for his blood to grow. Seth and Adam carry on with the podcast. In this episode we talk about dog sarcasm, which animals we would be if we could choose, and lots of Crashlands stuff.

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  1. We'll be at PixelPop Festival Sept. 12 & 13, giving a talk about starting a game studio.
  2. Seth is on a social media purge, and a Redbull splurge.
  3. Slurb: a new word meaning "to go slowly and awkwardly into another thing in a deeply dissatisfying way."
  4. A journey of a thousand miles is completed on the final step.
  5. What if dogs are super sarcastic and actually don't like people at all?
  6. Crashlands update
    1. BOSSFIGHTS! Baary Diggs, Blockstock, and the Baconweed Fairy all nearly complete.
    2. BscotchID and Cloudsaving are fully integrated and functional. So saves can be uploaded to and downloaded from our servers, meaning your progress will be PORTABLE.
    3. Q, the main villain, got a name change. He is now Hewgodooko.
    4. Sam has been adding tons of sidequests.
    5. Goal is to be ready to start internal playthrough of the Savanna this weekend.
  7. Player Questions
    1. ThecactigodWhen: making a new game, who is the first to hear about it?
    2. Ulnarevern: How "scripted" will be the main campaign of Crashlands? (proportions of outposts, how you position them and all)
    3. cloudmir: What are the chances that we get to see some more merch (crashlands or otherwise)? I could use some Butterscotch in my wardrobe!
    4. scotchste: Chauncy the Rabbit, discuss.
    5. Nea: If the bros were an animal, what animal would each of you be? (answers limited to dragons, phoenixes,...wait ITS LIMITLESS. LIZARD PEOPLE WEWWWW)
    6. racing4thefinish: Knowing the universe might implode on itself due to sheer awesomeness, would you ever consider recording the audio and video for Coffee with Butterscotch and placing it on Youtube? Thanks for the super sweet podcast, and keep up the hard work!

[Ep17] Coffee w/ Butterscotch: Burrito TARDIS

August 26, 2015

Sam is still stuck in the hospital (send him some good vibes!), but Seth and Adam carry on with the podcast. Seth discovers a second living Time Lord working at a Chipotle, and shows Roid Rage on local TV. We talk about Crashlands delays, why publicly traded companies suck (ahem, Rovio), why we hate user reviews, and the importance of keeping one's eye on the ball.

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  1. Sam is still trapped in the hosptial. Leave him a message on the Wall of Vibes!
  2. Seth was on TV with SmuggleCraft's Carol Mertz, talking Pixel Pop Festival and demo-ing Roid Rage.
  3. Seth discovers another living Time Lord working at Chipotle.
  4. Rovio fires a lot of its staff because publicly traded companies have effed-up priorities.
  5. Youtube Gaming launches
  6. We've been delayed by, but are crushing, Crashlands bugs.
  7. Beta test invites have not gone out, there is still time to apply at crashlands.net
  8. Nea: "Will there be randomised events that shake up the map? Like in terraria there is a spread of hallow/corruption, so will there be other events other than the day/night cycle?"
  9. Nea: "Will crashlands have an upgrade/skill system? Like in QR where your player gets stronger and stronger? Or is it just the ?augment? ?extrawhatchamacallit? system?"
  10. Nea: "In the crashlands creator can we choose what modifiers the weapons get? (answered?) (delete?)"
    • Developer preview of the Crashlands Creator (part 1, part 2)
  11. cloudmir: "Seth, what's the first game you ever made once you started using GameMaker?"
  12. Etrusan: "You should totally do the user review stuff again. Like 1 review per podcast?"
  13. MeaKitty: "What's you most inspirational quote/saying that keeps you going when you're down or frustrated?"

[Ep16] Coffee w/ Butterscotch: The meaning of life

August 19, 2015

With Sam stuck in the hospital (send him some good vibes!), Seth tries to emcee Ep16 of CwB and Adam tries to edit it. We talk about juicing rabbits to cure cancer, the Android launch of Fallout Shelter, and the meaning of life.

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  1. The healing powers of juiced rabbits 2:00
  2. Leave a message for Sam on the Wall of Vibes4:23
  3. Pneumatic hospital beds prevent heart attacks? 5:50
  4. Dog high fives 7:41
  5. We're still playing Rocket League 8:50
  6. Discord, VoIP/chat for remote working and gaming 10:50
  7. Fallout Shelter now on Android 12:15
  8. Hawkeye: "Is there an overarching unifying mythos of the Butterscotch universe in which all your Creations exist? Or it just total batshit insanity? It's awesome either way. -Ben the Lawyer (yes that Ben).21:03
  9. Crashlands update: beta testing and BscotchID integration 24:50
  10. Aggravatus: "Where do you guys want to take Butterscotch Shenanigans in both the near, and distant future?28:00
  11. kevin888: "Oh buttery and brotherly Butterscotch Shenanigans, What is the meaning of life?32:45

Crashlands: Progress Report and Beta plans

August 14, 2015

This post was written by Seth (the game programmer) and Adam (the web programmer).

HEY, HUMANS! We've been getting a lot of questions about the Crashlands Beta, and so we decided that it's time to give you all a general update about where Crashlands is and what comes next.

[EDIT: We're a little delayed from the goals set here. We have an up-to-date thread in our forums giving the status of development, so refer to that to see where we are!]

Our original target was to have the game ready for Beta when Sam went in for his one-month hospital stay for his next (and final) stem cell transplant. We set that target about 6 weeks ago, and Sam starts his hospital stay this very weekend. We had a MOUNTAIN of things to get done, and we did indeed finish most of those things. But not all of them.

That means we aren't starting the Beta yet, and Sam's cancer therapy is going to cast a lot of uncertainty onto the upcoming month. (Because there are only three of us, and Sam is responsible for all of the art.)

Despite all of that, we have a new target and want to let you know what we've been up to these past 6 weeks.

[Ep15] Coffee w/ Butterscotch : The Balls Ball

August 12, 2015

Sam shares a harrowing tale of testicle pinching, Coca Cola's life gets a lot less sweet thanks to SCIENCE, Donald Trump's hairpiece fails to produce a valid birth certificate, and we talk Crashlands beta and ideation.

You can discuss this episode over on the forums and come up with your own questions for us at the podcast hub!

  1. Next 4 podcasts going to be just Adam and Seth 0:40
  2. The Balls Ball* 2:20
  3. Coca Cola is buying scientists to say that diet is less important than exercise for weight loss 8:10
  4. TRUMPWATCH: Donald Trump is now at 22%, leading JEB BUSH by 10%. 11:48
  5. Rocket League. It’s amazing. 15:50
  6. Crashlands update 19:40
  1. Gafferman Having made mostly games with a light approach to story + characters mostly there for comedic quips, how do you approach writing the story and characters for Crashlands? And how challenging is it putting a narrative into a game with procedural generation? 20:55
  2. the1truemichael Would you guys ever consider extending your episode length? I understand why you want to keep them short and sweet, but I'm pretty sure we all need more! 30:35
  3. Aggravatus Where do you get the inspiration for the characters in your games? 32:36
  4. Gafferman Now that you're opening up for user generated content with the Crashlands Creator, I'm curious what other games that allow users to create content (be it a level editor or a hat creator etc.) that you've found the most fun and/or interesting? 36:20

"Process" - How Game Design and Life Collide

August 7, 2015

Sam recently gave a talk at the PKSTL #17 event. The PK format for a talk is one in which speeches are given in 6 minutes and 40 seconds, with a deck of 20 slides that move automatically every 20 seconds. It's a pretty grueling pace for a presenter, and we're pumped to say it's the first standing ovation that the PKSTL series had through its 17 events and more than 100 speakers.

Sam presented on the concept of Process, and how it applies to good game design and to life. If you're stuck on a work project or just need some plain motivation to get things done today, give the short speech a listen, and tell us how you're processing your work over on the forums.

[Ep14] Coffee w/ Butterscotch : Dude 52

August 5, 2015

Broken joints, huge biceps, and a ton of Crashlands info gets dropped in this week's episode. Join the conversation over on the forums and head to the Podcast hub to throw your own questions into the ring for next week's episode.

[Ep14] Coffee w/ Butterscotch outline

  1. Life/Studio Update
    1. Seth's riding the GAIN TRAIN 0:50 
      1. (Actually called the Protector, here's the scene)
    2. Family reunion in Iowa 6:24
    3. Interview with Techli 7:00 (interview link coming soon!)
  2. Questions from the Community

    1. 8:37 bragbirch66 How did you first think about the story; Art; Ect of Crashlands?
    2. 12:25 Ulnarevern You already talked about (somewhere) releasing books from your experience. What is the first book you would do? (a precise subject or a global book?)
    3. 17:19 cbigsby Since Crashlands is going to be pay-upfront (counter to a previous blog post) on mobile, will you have any sort of demo or lite version to entice new customers?
    4. 22:59 Ulnarevern Will the beta be both on mobile and PC or will you focus only on one platform?
    5. 27:08 Thecactigod Will you implement Google play achievements into crashlands?
    6. 32:14 Thecactigod What amount of Crashlands players that buy the game would you be happy with?

[Ep13] Coffee w/ Butterscotch : THE UN-DONUT?

July 29, 2015

Things get deep quickly as we field questions of why flaming, disease ridden cows make wonderful throw pillows and how to not live a life with regrets. Discuss this episode over on the forums, and head to the Podcast hub to throw your own questions into the ring for next week's episode.

[Ep13] Coffee w/ Butterscotch outline

  1. Life/Studio Update
    1. The creator PWNS 1:00
    2. Throw Pillows 1:50
  2. Questions from the Community
    1. Gafferman 5:45
      1. Having carved out your own niche on the app store, what iOS games/developers do you feel deserve more attention? 7:45
    2. scotchste
      1. Whilst making a game do you ever get fed up playing it ad infinitum? 24:15
    3. Thecactigod
      1. What was the best purchase you have ever made? 26:28
    4. Thecactigod
      1. What is one thing you have always wanted to learn but never got motivated enough to do? 30:52
      2. James Rhodes comic on ZenPencils
      3. Our interview over at Super Philip Central

Art Timelapse - Totem

July 24, 2015

This week we dive into the creation of a creepy Smashblossom Totem, which is a furniture piece available to players in the late-game of Crashlands.

I've always found that I'm a better editor than creator which makes Inkscape, my tool of choice, perfectly suited for the work I do here at Butterscotch. Creating art assets in Inkscape is more like sculpting than drawing. It makes asset creation more like a series of hundreds of tiny tweaks than an attempt to draw something right the first time (which never happens for me).

This makes it easier to experiment, iterate, and ditch bad ideas; all of which lead to more work efficiency and greater creativity! Check it out in the 5 minute video and feel free to ask questions on the forums.

[Ep12] Coffee w/ Butterscotch : A pint of ice cream to the lizard kingdom

July 22, 2015

How can you use cat bodies to make a recording studio? How might a pint of Ben & Jerry's provide a portal to the Lizard Kingdom? This week we tackle the big questions in life and try not to become dreaded Hyper Humans along the way. Listen, ask some questions at the podcast hub, and discuss this episode on the forums!

[Ep12] Coffee w/ Butterscotch outline
Life/Studio Update
  2. Seth & Sam were on the radio, over here (Parts 2-4 for maximum Butterscotch)
Questions, ANSWERED
  1. Jaymz 5:20 How many people have defeted Pete in Pete's Reckoning??
  2. luckystrkeguy2 12:12 When i heard Zelda and Crashlands in the same sentence life became meaningful soooo Will there be puzzle elements like block pushing or pressure switches?keys ????? Anything ? 
  3. gycot 13:40 (actual answer at 16:50) Pouring yourself into Crashlands is SLICING OFF A PIECE OF YOUR SOUL that can sit on a pedestal for millenniums and HyperHumans can appreciate it in 4312 AD. Besides "have fun", what else are you saying through Crashlands that you want to last forever?
  4. Fweebers 18:52 When Butterscotch Shenanigans becomes famous and Ben & Jerry's make a flavor called Butterscotch Shenanigans, what will be the ice cream flavor and the ingredients?
  5. MadHat 24:00 What are you doing for vacation? Do you even take time for vacation or is all your energy going towards Crashlands? I'm so hyped for Crashlands btw
  6. Thypen 26:00 What language(s) did you use to code most of Crashlands?
  7. Ulnarevern 27:30 Do you already have plans for post-Crashlands and post-Narwhal Online (I'm almost certain I already saw the answer somewhere)?
  8. kevin888 29:40 How is crosplatformness going to work if Crashlands is pay up front? Will you have to buy on both mobile and Steam to transfer saves?
  9. racing4thefinish 32:54 So, when you record the super fantastic awesomeness that is "Coffee with Butterscotch", is it done all in one take, and is the intro random/funny snippet planned? Thanks for being so funtastic and excellently excellent!