Crashlands Preorders & Podcast #9!

July 1, 2015

We're super excited to be working with Humble to sell preorders for Crashlands on Steam for PC and Mac! You can preorder your Steam key using the Humble Widget below!

We also just wrapped up our 9th Coffee with Butterscotch episode. This week we talk about our trip to Indy Pop Con, our 3rd place finish in the Reboot Indie Game Awards, and answer a fistful of questions from the community. If you've got questions, pop over to the podcast hub and ask them (you can even do so anonymously), and as always, discuss in the forums!

Coffee with Butterscotch #9 Outline
  1. Life/Studio Update
    1. Adventures at Indy Pop con
    2. Met a lot of awesome devs. In particular:
      1. Happy Badgers (Smuggle Craft)
      2. Trinket Studios (Battle Chef Brigade)
      3. Willy (Relativity)
      4. We Are Chicago
      5. APT
    3. Holy moly youtubers are a thing
  2. Crashlands Update (14:00)
    1. Awesome reception at PopCon
    2. Humble Store widget and preorders
    3. First draft of the tutorial complete
    4. Working on the quest/story engine
    5. Internal deadline update
  3. Questions (21:15)
    1. Ulnarevern With all the Steam refund stuff, what is/would be your position about it? [ED NOTE: refunds can be requested for any reason up to 2 weeks after purchase and before 2 hours of gameplay have been completed. Does not extend to 3rd party sellers (e.g. Humble)]
    2. Meakitty Who's the real head honcho bossman of you 3?
    3. Gafferman With most mobile gamers on average only playing in bursts of a few minutes, your focus on snappy gameplay and light/skippable narrative makes total sense - but do you see yourselves doing a narrative focused game on mobile?
    4. Ulnarevern Did you already have such an intricate background before making Crashlands? Apart from all your games being in the same universe, was it already developed before (but we couldn't see it)?

The Road to game Dev: Adam's story

June 26, 2015

Adam is one of the three brothers making up Butterscotch Shenanigans. He is the resident scientist and data nerd, and the developer of BscotchID.

A few weeks ago Seth told you the story of how he became a game developer. There he noted that there is no one path to game development, and no one kind of developer, as our twisting career paths surely demonstrate. So I'll skip that preamble and jump right into my own (long) story.

Unlike Seth, I did not have a burning passion to become a game developer. I wanted to be a scientist. More than that, I wanted to be a capital-S, Platonic-ideal, Scientist who attacked all claims with furious skepticism and was comfortable living in the realm of the unknown. And now I am the web developer behind a tiny indie game studio. How did I get from point A to point B? (You can discuss this article in the forums.)

Podcast #8: Indy Pop Con and Crashlands Greenlight

June 24, 2015

In this episode we talk about going to Indy Pop Con, our successful Steam Greenlight campaign for Crashlands, and answer some player questions. Discuss this cast of pods in our forums. Quick outline:

Crashlands Greenlit in 42 hours!

June 22, 2015


Flux, Juicebox, and Q will be making their way to PC and Mac through the Steam platform! We couldn't be more pumped about this, or about how fast it happened. Thank you to everyone who voted and has continued to support this game and our studio.

If you missed out on the trailer or just want more Crashlands info, check out the new website and read up on Crashlands Lore and Design with some of the articles below!

Design logs

Crashlands Creator: Developer Preview (part 1)

In our fifth podcast we announced the Crashlands Creator, a tool that we are using to build the game and that we will make available to players so they can build THEIR OWN stories and games. The tool is in progress, but I made a 30-minute developer preview video that digs into the functionality of the thing. Check it out!

Greenlight Crashlands and watch the new trailer!

June 20, 2015

Vote this enormous adventure onto Steam Greenlight!

and then check out the new Crashlands website for SO MANY JUICY DETAILS.

The Soul of a Game

June 19, 2015

In reading game reviews and listening to players talk about their favorite (and least favorite) games, you often hear a particular word bandied about. It's not something you would normally attribute to an inanimate object, much less a game, but it's always there in the undercurrent of conversation. That word is "soul".

"This game is soulless." Or, "This game has soul."

As a game developer, one of the worst things you can hear from a player is that they feel your game has no soul. But what does that mean? Is there a clear way to replicate the feeling of a "soul" in your game? LET'S FIND OUT!

Podcast #7 - E3 Edition!

June 17, 2015

Heyo and welcome to another Coffee with Butterscotch. This week we talk about Adam's conversion into a vampire, the upcoming Crashlands trailer, and what we think of E3 thus far.

Check out the 30 minute sound massage then head over to the Podcast Hub and ask questions or vote up others for the next episode! You can also take your thoughts to the forums.

Art Timelapse - The Birth of the BWF

June 15, 2015

The Baconweed Fairy started as a joke from some flavortext Seth added while tired and drinking whiskey one night. Baconweed is a plant that grows in Crashlands that players can harvest, and can also build into a pot for permanent harvesting at their home base. In the Potted Baconweed flavortext, Seth mentioned:

Podcast Episode 6 is here!

June 10, 2015

Coffee with Butterscotch is our weekly 30 minute podcast, detailing studio life, updates to Crashlands, our thoughts on game design, and answers to burning community questions.

In this week's episode, Build a Boat to St. Louis, Adam talks about moving to St. Louis (WOOHOOO!), we talk about the upcoming Greenlight campaign for Crashlands (and how this trailer is an inspiration), and we discuss why the recent puzzle game You Must Build a Boat is better than Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm. Plus we tackle a few questions from the community about influences and working at a distance.

It's 30 minutes of sweet, Butterscotchy goodness. Grab some headphones and enjoy, and if it sparks a question head over to the Podcast hub and ask us anything or discuss it on the forums! Hit play below or go to Soundcloud.