Coffee with Butterscotch - Episode 3 - To IOWAAAA!

April 23, 2015

In this episode we talk about the most recent whirlwind of updates to Crashlands, why it will not be Free-to-Play, and just how big of a world it is. This one is short and sweet, so savor it while it lasts!

Coffee with Butterscotch - Episode 2

April 8, 2015

Edit: Updated the track with better sound, HOPEFULLY!
In this installment of COFFEE WITH BUTTERSCOTCH we talk about hitting 25,000 BscotchID's, Flop Rocket players making it to the moon (slowly), Crashlands' taming, saving, and content verticals, and take questions about WHAT WE CARRY AT ALL TIMES. We also talk smack about the use of DURABILITY as a design crutch in video games.

And Seth displays a rampant disregard for mathematics. Discuss over on the forums!

Use this handy-dandy breakdown to sip from the soundstream responsibly.
  1. Butterscotch Life Updates 0:35
  2. 25,000 BscotchID's 2:05
    1. Seth displays questionable math - 2:20
    2. Flop Rocket players reach the moon - 4:30
    3. Someone played for 15 days. 5:30
  3. Crashlands 8:40
    1. TAME ALL THE THINGS 11:12
    2. Adam ALMOST shares a secret 18:20
    3. Crossplatform saving 19:30
    4. Sam's making lots of stuff 24:00
  4. We played DEPTH and ate each other 28:30
  5. Questions!
    1. from Etrusan & Meakitty - “What is the most ridiculous game/story we’ve come up with?” and "What's the stupidest thing you've done?" 39:30
      1. Torso Demon Saga 39:20 
      2. I KNOW CPR! (play it on your comp with a friend) 42:30 
    2. from MAP5597 “I think I remember reading something where you guys were going to get Crashlands (and maybe some other games?) on Steam, or some other way to get your games on PCs. How's that coming along?” 46:00 
    3. from @CyberKlown28 “What are your everyday carry items?” 50:15 
    4. from @twaster “I see that tools and weapons don't have any durability as well as armor. Why did you choose to go that way?” [Crashlands] 54:30 

Coffee with Butterscotch - Podcast Episode 2 QUESTIONS

April 5, 2015

We're gearing up for our 2nd episode of Coffee with Butterscotch. Toss your questions onto the forum thread or our twitter and we'll answer a select few during the show!

And if you missed the first episode, check it out below, or subscribe on iTunes.