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Ep 48 - Coffee w/ Butterscotch - Robomowing Ghost Goats

May 5, 2016

We just wanted to remind you that YOU'RE GOING TO DIE! And that your perception of time will only make you hurtle toward your death with increasing speed! So quit messin' around, listen to some songs by Jon Lajoie, and start doing stuff with your life. Subscribe on iTunes (, Stitcher (, or SoundCloud ( Influence the next cast at

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Welcome to the family, CAROL MERTZ!

May 3, 2016

Want to join our team? We're growing the studio in big ways and have an opening for a Game Mechanic. Apply today!

The three of us brothers have been jamming for nearly 4 years now and in that time we've frequently run into BIG OL' BOTTLENECKS.

One of those bottlenecks is, well, ME. While all my time would ideally be going into the development of the art and lore for our games, the truth is that I only get to spend 1/3rd of my Butterscotch time developing them.

Why? Because as a three person studio, each person has to wear a TON of different hats. In my case, those extra hats became social media, community management, PR, Marketing, trailer creation, IP expansion, merch production, event coordination, and general outreach.

After Crashlands' successful launch we sat down and looked at the jobs we were all performing in the studio and realized that as long as we're all wearing so many hats, we can't devote the time we need to make our games the best they can be.

So it was time to find a new head to put some of these hats onto. We needed someone who was an organizational Mozart, matched our sassiness and sense of humor, and was an experienced developer. Someone who cared deeply not just for games, but for our vision of Butterscotch. This person would take over all the hype and community management for our studio, and also find cool new ways to bring our characters and worlds to life. They'd be like gasoline on our tiny, smoldering game fire. A catalyst, if you will.

Luckily, we knew exactly the person we could bring on to solve this problem.

Introducing... CAROL MERTZ!
We've known Carol for YEARS. She's a powerful game developer, has years of experience as a web developer, guides the gamedev community's growth here in St. Louis, and is phenomenal at karaoke.

Here are just a tiny handful of the zillions of things Carol has pulled off in the past few years:
  • Successfully developed, funded, and distributed her own satirical card game about Corporate Responsibility Management: Pass the Buck
  • Co-founded and grew a successful software and web dev firm
  • Co-led and grew Happy Badger Studio, a local indie game dev studio
  • Co-founded and helps to organize PixelPop Festival, the annual games, music, and gamedev conference in St. Louis.
We frankly couldn't be more excited to have Carol joining us - she's just the right person to take Butterscotch to the next level.

If you want to say hey to Carol, hop into this forum thread and welcome her warmly to the Butterscotch family. With her on board, we'll be able to not only make better games, faster, but also to hang out with the community in more entertaining and meaningful ways.

She'll be starting in June, so prepare yourselves for a 300% boost in Butterscotch sass.

Coffee with Butterscotch - Episode 47 - Scream Tubes & Bacon Babies

April 27, 2016

Having trouble finding motivation? Maybe this episode will help! Or hurt... You never know until you try. Sam talks about his self-handicapping problem, and we dig into the value of education in game dev. Subscribe on iTunes (, Stitcher (, or SoundCloud ( Influence the next cast at

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Job Applications Open!

April 22, 2016

We've opened the first step of the application process for our Game Mechanic position. If you haven't yet read up on why we're hiring and what the position entails, you can get ALL THE DETAILS on the jobs board.

Don't hesitate to get going on the application, as we're accepting them on a rolling basis and already have more than a dozen waiting for review!

Coffee with Butterscotch - Episode 46 - Plunger Joystick

April 21, 2016

We get down to BUSINESS in this episode, digging into how last week's Crashlands patch went and what it means for the future of our studio. We've also got some sweet new podcast cover art, and a whole host of strong opinions about how the world should work. Subscribe on iTunes (, Stitcher (, or SoundCloud ( Influence the next cast at

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Tees, Hoodies, and PURCHASABLE LOVE!

April 15, 2016

We've opened up the Bscotch ShenaniSHOPPE once again. Through May 1st you can get your Butterscotch Shenanigans tees and hoodies, as well as this ridiculously cool Crashlands tee. This round we're only shipping in the U.S., due to some distribution headaches last time around, but we're working on a permanent, international solution so JUST YOU WAIT!

Get your goodies!

Crashlands Quality of Life Patch INCOMING!

April 11, 2016

HEY, GANG! As you may or may not know, Crashlands has a pipin' hot patch of tasty sauce coming down the internet tubes, and we're calling it the Quality of Life Patch. WHY? Shut up and read this post to find out! And quit interrupting. I'M BLOGGIN' HERE!

Planned launch date: April 14th.
If you want to get in on the patch early, there's still room in the beta testing channels! More information available here.

Updated World Map
Hey, you know how the game's map really sucks a lot, and everyone hates it, and it's the worst thing ever created? NOT ANYMORE! We've totally overhauled the thing from the ground up. Now you can smoothly pan around and zoom in and out, and you can toggle items on the map. You can even now see NPC locations on the map, along with indicators of whether or not they have quests for you!

FEEL THE PAN. FEEL THE ZOOM. FEEL THE NPC. Actually don't do that. Not without consent.
New Items
You know how Crashlands has over 900 items? Now it has OVER over 900 items! That's right... Sam took a break from sippin' chocolate milk and whipped up a whole new batch of sweet thangs for you all to craft and play with. Here are just a few of them!

We're hiring!

April 8, 2016

[UPDATE: After some insightful feedback, we've decided that this specific role doesn't truly require someone to live in St Louis. We'd still prefer it, but will not be requiring it.]

WHOA! That's right, honkytonk. We're growing the Butterscotch family!

As we've put out more and more games, we've run into a conundrum. And it has to do with being constantly faced with this decision: do we update and expand our existing games, or do we develop new ones? Both of these things are important, but with our limited human bandwidth, we can only do one of those things at a time.

If we wanted to update Quadropus Rampage and bring it to Steam, for example, we'd have to postpone working on the next game by a few months. If we wanted to add more features to BscotchID in our older games or add more cross-game perks, that's a few weeks (or more) we'd have to postpone the next game. And so forth. So it's time to get another set of hands and brains on deck!

THEREFORE... We will soon be opening up applications for a role we are calling:

Game Mechanic

It will be the responsibility of the Game Mechanic to extend the lives of our existing games and find ways to breathe new life into them. That means content patches, bug fixes, balance updates, new cross-game perks, bringing the games onto new platforms and stores, etc... Essentially, the Game Mechanic will be a game programmer whose domain is all of our existing games.

However, this is not a pure programming role. You won't be "behind the scenes" -- this job will entail a lot of talking with players, writing patch notes, writing blog posts detailing news announcements and updates to games, etc... It might even involve giving talks at events. In other words, you need to enjoy talking with people, you need to be a good communicator, and you need to be a true believer in our studio.

But that's enough regular human words! Let's whip out the CORPORATE BULLET POINTS!

Braama the Seedsoul [Part 2]

April 7, 2016

A Tendraam Legacy root
Check out the first episode here if you're new to this series in the Butterscotch universe!

“Well howsit gonna be bad? I want some big strong tree legs! Look at these little twigs!” The sprout wiggled his withered rootfoot in the open air. The storyteller grinned.

“Blessing or curse, all change comes with a price. Braama didn’t know how to walk on those limbs you’re wiggling about. She found herself stranded in the glade, flat on her belly, and whenever her hands touched the ground it was as if her energy was being sapped from within and converted into the rampant growth of the Savanna.

“Where previously she would flit from flatstone to logtree, she now had no means of reliable movement. Her legs had erupted from her body as if they’d been hiding inside all along, like roots curled up, waiting for the right season."

Coffee with Butterscotch - Episode 44 - JAM JACKED!

April 6, 2016

We've been doing a lot of game-playing research in preparation for our next title. Of note were Warframe, which is amazing, and The Division, which is pretty good too. We also dig deep into the ethics of random drops and free-to-play, and what it means for a game to be an RPG.

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