[Ep13] Coffee w/ Butterscotch : THE UN-DONUT?

July 29, 2015

Things get deep quickly as we field questions of why flaming, disease ridden cows make wonderful throw pillows and how to not live a life with regrets. Discuss this episode over on the forums, and head to the Podcast hub to throw your own questions into the ring for next week's episode.

[Ep13] Coffee w/ Butterscotch outline

  1. Life/Studio Update
    1. The creator PWNS 1:00
    2. Throw Pillows 1:50
  2. Questions from the Community
    1. Gafferman 5:45
      1. Having carved out your own niche on the app store, what iOS games/developers do you feel deserve more attention? 7:45
    2. scotchste
      1. Whilst making a game do you ever get fed up playing it ad infinitum? 24:15
    3. Thecactigod
      1. What was the best purchase you have ever made? 26:28
    4. Thecactigod
      1. What is one thing you have always wanted to learn but never got motivated enough to do? 30:52
      2. James Rhodes comic on ZenPencils
      3. Our interview over at Super Philip Central

Art Timelapse - Totem

July 24, 2015

This week we dive into the creation of a creepy Smashblossom Totem, which is a furniture piece available to players in the late-game of Crashlands.

I've always found that I'm a better editor than creator which makes Inkscape, my tool of choice, perfectly suited for the work I do here at Butterscotch. Creating art assets in Inkscape is more like sculpting than drawing. It makes asset creation more like a series of hundreds of tiny tweaks than an attempt to draw something right the first time (which never happens for me).

This makes it easier to experiment, iterate, and ditch bad ideas; all of which lead to more work efficiency and greater creativity! Check it out in the 5 minute video and feel free to ask questions on the forums.

[Ep12] Coffee w/ Butterscotch : A pint of ice cream to the lizard kingdom

July 22, 2015

How can you use cat bodies to make a recording studio? How might a pint of Ben & Jerry's provide a portal to the Lizard Kingdom? This week we tackle the big questions in life and try not to become dreaded Hyper Humans along the way. Listen, ask some questions at the podcast hub, and discuss this episode on the forums!

[Ep12] Coffee w/ Butterscotch outline
Life/Studio Update
  2. Seth & Sam were on the radio, over here (Parts 2-4 for maximum Butterscotch)
Questions, ANSWERED
  1. Jaymz 5:20 How many people have defeted Pete in Pete's Reckoning??
  2. luckystrkeguy2 12:12 When i heard Zelda and Crashlands in the same sentence life became meaningful soooo Will there be puzzle elements like block pushing or pressure switches?keys ????? Anything ? 
  3. gycot 13:40 (actual answer at 16:50) Pouring yourself into Crashlands is SLICING OFF A PIECE OF YOUR SOUL that can sit on a pedestal for millenniums and HyperHumans can appreciate it in 4312 AD. Besides "have fun", what else are you saying through Crashlands that you want to last forever?
  4. Fweebers 18:52 When Butterscotch Shenanigans becomes famous and Ben & Jerry's make a flavor called Butterscotch Shenanigans, what will be the ice cream flavor and the ingredients?
  5. MadHat 24:00 What are you doing for vacation? Do you even take time for vacation or is all your energy going towards Crashlands? I'm so hyped for Crashlands btw
  6. Thypen 26:00 What language(s) did you use to code most of Crashlands?
  7. Ulnarevern 27:30 Do you already have plans for post-Crashlands and post-Narwhal Online (I'm almost certain I already saw the answer somewhere)?
  8. kevin888 29:40 How is crosplatformness going to work if Crashlands is pay up front? Will you have to buy on both mobile and Steam to transfer saves?
  9. racing4thefinish 32:54 So, when you record the super fantastic awesomeness that is "Coffee with Butterscotch", is it done all in one take, and is the intro random/funny snippet planned? Thanks for being so funtastic and excellently excellent!

Telling stories in Crashlands

July 17, 2015

Adam is one of the three brothers making up Butterscotch Shenanigans. He is the resident scientist and data nerd, and the developer of BscotchID.

Crashlands has a lot of things going on: its core progression mechanic is crafting but you can fight/tame creatures, battle bosses, harvest crops, go fishing, etc, etc, ETC. While we've put our own spin on each of these diverse gameplay mechanics, so that they are uniquely our own, we knew there would be the inevitable, "nice clone of [insert crafting or cartoon-style game here] lazy devs, HURR HURR!" We needed something new that would so completely separate Crashlands from games similar to it that people would actually play the game before passing too much judgment. That something is STORY.

Coffee with Butterscotch #11 - RADIOACTIVE KITTIES

July 15, 2015

Episode 11 of Coffee with Butterscotch LIVES! This time we dive into PET Scans and cancer, say thank you to Satoru Iwata, and dive into community questions with UNCOMMON ZEAL. Discuss this podcast on the forums and ask questions for next week at the Podcast Hub!

Coffee with Butterscotch #11 Outline
  1. Life/Studio Update
  2. Crashlands 2:30
    1. Eric Hibbeler's new Crashlands painting, INCOMING!
    2. We got in PCGamer, Destructoid, and others 3:35
  3. Satoru Iwata was the best 8:30
  4. Pluto got photo'd 10:30
  5. Questions
    1. Ulnarevern Will you had some voicing to characters in Crashlands? Or do you plan on doing it in one of your next games? 14:15 (Rated E with Elspeth)
    2. jfrank what would be your nightmare launching bug? 18:05
    3. Gafferman Looking back at the handful of games you now have to your name, what was the biggest, MOST SOULCRUSHING mistake you ever made in development?
    4. Gafferman So, you guys (and your games) are pretty funny - what are your comedic influences? 29:25 (actual answer at 31:25)
    5. racing4thefinish What is the best song(s) to listen to while in the midst of the worlds longest and most epic programming binge? 33:40

Dev Chat: Building Crafting Systems in Games

July 10, 2015

As we've fleshed out the world and systems of Crashlands, one of the biggest hurdles we've had to overcome is how to balance the game's crafting system. We have over 800 things in the game, 470 of which are craftable. Each recipe can have up to four unique types of components, and those components are all obtained in different ways, in different places in the world, at different rates. HOW DOES ONE MAKE SENSE OF IT ALL?

Simple(ish). WITH THE POWER OF AUTOMATION! Check it out.

Would you like to know more? Hit up our forums and drop us a line!

We also talked about this very problem in our latest podcast episode, so be sure to give that a listen!

Podcast Ep. 10: We have no lives!

July 8, 2015

Episode 10 of Coffee with Butterscotch is live! In our 30 minute podcast we cover why we no longer have lives (hint: Crashlands), changes to the world generation algorithms, and answer a bunch of community questions. This one is more of a dive on Crashlands design, so be sure to take a listen if you're into that SORT OF THING and, as always, discuss on the forums and ask questions for next week at the Podcast Hub.

Coffee with Butterscotch #10 Outline
  1. Life/Studio Update
  2. Crashlands 1:40
    1. We now have SUB-BIOMES!
    2. Sam finished ALL OF THE ART (except for bosses)
    3. In the news: Polygon etc and Sam’s Crazy Media Blitz
    4. NEARLY DONE with the Creator
  3. Don’t Starve is coming to mobile [implications for Crashlands?] 18:10
  4. Questions
    1. bragbirch66 What were your orginial Ideas when creating Crashlands; and how have they changed? 24:00
    2. MAP5597 With the BscotchID perks making you update every game with each new game you make, will you ever stop adding things to old games? Will there come a time for a game where you just don't update it any more? 27:50
    3. jfrank what has been the thing you spent the most working on in crashlands? what took the longest or what was the hardest thing? 29:16
    4. MAP5597 Why did you guys decide to have Crashlands' crafting system take time to produce the resulting items? Is it just more fun/satisfying to have to wait? 30:25

Extreme Slothcycling - The Endless Runner we didn't make

July 6, 2015

Before working on Crashlands we were waist deep in a game called Extreme Slothcycling. Its existence was inspired by platforming levels that require the player to constantly keep tabs on a moving platform while navigating an environment. Except in this case, the platform is an ab-rolling sloth.

We plan on revisiting this title after Crashlands' release, but in the meantime, take a gander at the Let's Play we did a short few weeks before ditching the project and picking up Crashlands. Laughs abound, and the epic play at 3:40 might just leave your body clenched for days.

Let's Art! Crashlands art timelapse

July 3, 2015

Heyo! It's our tri-weekly ART FRIDAY, and you know what that means: IT'S TIME TO WATCH SOME ART BE BORN. 

This time around we've got a PIPING HOT TIMELAPSE of inkscaping a life-pod into existence. In the video I discuss the "Good Enough" principle and how we use that to make a huuuuuuge volume of art, without fretting over perfection. Check it out and leave your comments on the vid, or the forums!

Crashlands Preorders & Podcast #9!

July 1, 2015

We're super excited to be working with Humble to sell preorders for Crashlands on Steam for PC and Mac! You can preorder your Steam key using the Humble Widget below!

We also just wrapped up our 9th Coffee with Butterscotch episode. This week we talk about our trip to Indy Pop Con, our 3rd place finish in the Reboot Indie Game Awards, and answer a fistful of questions from the community. If you've got questions, pop over to the podcast hub and ask them (you can even do so anonymously), and as always, discuss in the forums!

Coffee with Butterscotch #9 Outline
  1. Life/Studio Update
    1. Adventures at Indy Pop con
    2. Met a lot of awesome devs. In particular:
      1. Happy Badgers (Smuggle Craft)
      2. Trinket Studios (Battle Chef Brigade)
      3. Willy (Relativity)
      4. We Are Chicago
      5. APT
    3. Holy moly youtubers are a thing
  2. Crashlands Update (14:00)
    1. Awesome reception at PopCon
    2. Humble Store widget and preorders
    3. First draft of the tutorial complete
    4. Working on the quest/story engine
    5. Internal deadline update
  3. Questions (21:15)
    1. Ulnarevern With all the Steam refund stuff, what is/would be your position about it? [ED NOTE: refunds can be requested for any reason up to 2 weeks after purchase and before 2 hours of gameplay have been completed. Does not extend to 3rd party sellers (e.g. Humble)]
    2. Meakitty Who's the real head honcho bossman of you 3?
    3. Gafferman With most mobile gamers on average only playing in bursts of a few minutes, your focus on snappy gameplay and light/skippable narrative makes total sense - but do you see yourselves doing a narrative focused game on mobile?
    4. Ulnarevern Did you already have such an intricate background before making Crashlands? Apart from all your games being in the same universe, was it already developed before (but we couldn't see it)?