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Ep 55 - Coffee w/ Butterscotch - Disapproval Noodle

July 14, 2016

We're now at capacity, having finished DUPLICATING our studio size this very week! In this episode we talk a bit about Pokemon Go, on the off chance you've never heard of it. Also, Sam tells us about the chocolate demon he summoned

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Ep 54 - Coffee w/ Butterscotch - Hard Skip

July 6, 2016

Oh hey, Sam still doesn't have cancer AND America celebrated it's "FREEDOM"! AMAZING! But what is freedom, really? We discuss that, along with sibling rivalries, Crashlands controllers support, and Carol's upcoming website overhaul.
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Ep 53 - Coffee w/ Butterscotch - Infallible Weight Pope

June 29, 2016

After a 3-week hiatus, we come roaring back with a new teammate and a second-take episode (the first take will be lost forever to the void). Carol, our FIRST HIRE EVER, lays out her street cred while Sam tells stories about failing to trick a weight-guesser at Adventure Land.
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Braama the Seedsoul [ Part 3 ]

June 6, 2016

First time reading the Seedsoul series? Check out parts 1 and 2 to get caught up!

“Did she have one of them night terrors?” Asked one of the sprouts. “I had one once. My mammy had to sploosh water on my face then cuddle me ‘till I fell asleep!”

The Kistoon smiled a surprisingly handsome grin and shook his head. “These weren’t normal dreams, little sprout. Braama fell asleep so soundly, and so near the time of that powerful eruption, that her mind traveled to a strange place. You’ve heard of the Undervine?”

The sprouts nodded vigorously. The Undervine was where Tendraam were said to return when they died, to be nestled in Maarla’s boughs again.

“Braama dreamed herself there. She walked along Maarla’s limbs, talked with nearly invisible Tendraam she never knew…”

Butterscotch Shenanigans v2.0

June 3, 2016

Back in June of 2012, the three of us Coster brothers were on a road trip to visit family when we decided, "HEY, we should make an umbrella company for all the random nonsense we might get up to over the coming years!" A few hours of random word associations later, we had settled on our company name: Butterscotch Shenanigans.

Why that name? Well, we didn't know what the company would be doing, and figured it could include all kinds of random things. And so: "Shenanigans". We aren't really sure where the "Butterscotch" came from, but it is both fun to say and delicious. Plus, we figured we'd have no trouble with SEO by using a bizarre and unique name (though it turns out that most people find the name hard to spell and/or type).

Butterscotch Shenanigans v1.0

If we were to go back and then watch what happened next at maximum speed, it would look like the following.

Sam and Seth decided to make video games full time, under the banner of our family company. They made their first game (and financial disaster), Towelfight 2, in three months. That left three more months of cash before the studio had to fold. In that time, they took what they'd learned and rolled the dice again to make Quadropus Rampage. This time they caught some success, though it wasn't enough to provide reasonable pay nor guarantee a long runway for the studio. Their next game project was then interrupted when Sam got cancer, and so the two of them started Crashlands as a passion project to deal with all that nonsense. The rest was a blur: Sam went into remission, then I (Adam) joined the studio, we launched BscotchID, then Flop Rocket became a surprise hit on the App Store, then Sam's damn cancer came back, then we finished Crashlands and went into Beta while Sam killed his cancer (again), and then finally we launched Crashlands in January 2016.


I mean, seriously.

Now here we are. The success of Crashlands has brought with it numerous opportunities that would otherwise be outside our reach. Most importantly, it gave our studio a true runway for the first time ever. But even with that runway, the three of us alone don't have enough bandwidth to act on every new opportunity while also maintaining and adding to our game portfolio. A mere two months after launch this problem was already so apparent that we decided it was time to level-up the company.

Introducing Butterscotch Shenanigans v2.0

In planning the future for our studio prior to the launch of Crashlands, we had decided that the first goal of expansion was to double our workforce so that each of us would have a collaborator. I'm delighted to say that we have now made that happen. We already announced the addition of Carol Mertz, and we are SUPER PUMPED to announce here, for the first time, our final two members: Andrew Green and Shi Chen. The six of us together make up Butterscotch Shenanigans v2.0:

Carol Mertz will be primarily working with Sam, taking on the roles of business development, PR, community management, outreach, etc. She'll have a million jobs that all revolve around boosting the visibility of the stuff we do and diversifying where and in what form that stuff can be found. In a lot of ways Carol will become the most public face of the studio. Give her bio a read to learn more.

Shi Chen will be working with Seth as our Game Mechanic. He'll be keeping our existing portfolio up to date by fixing bugs, adding features, and porting them to new platforms. When he isn't busy doing that he'll be helping Seth program new games. If you are submitting bugs or feature requests for existing games, he's probably the guy you'll end up talking to. Give his bio a read to learn more.

Andy Green will primarily be collaborating with Adam, taking on a diverse set of roles including web development, analytics, and efficiency boosting for the rest of the team. If you are submitting bugs or feature requests for BscotchID or other parts of our web presence, he or Adam will be the ones you'll talk to. Give his bio a read to learn more.

What does this mean for fans?

Starting in July, we're going from a company consisting of three brothers barely scraping by, to a company with three new employees that we have to be able to support into the distant future. That represents an enormous change, and honestly we don't know what's going to happen! Without a doubt, once we get through all the training and getting-to-know-each other rockiness, our studio will see an enormous boost in productivity and creative diversity, and we truly could not be more excited about whatever the future holds.

Some of our community members have expressed concern that as the studio grows we'll become less active and accessible. We absolutely do not want that to happen. We're treating our growing studio as a growing family, hiring people who first and foremost are just as passionate about Butterscotch as we are, and who want to be actively engaged with our fans. That means you'll actually get a lot more social interaction with the studio. It should also mean you get more of the Coster brothers, specifically, since the productivity boost provided by our awesome new team will give us some more temporal breathing room for socializing with the community.

We hope you're as excited about our future as we are, and that you take a moment to lovingly welcome our new team members to the community!

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Ep 52 - Coffee w/ Butterscotch - Flying Electric Cephalopod

June 1, 2016

The land of Butterscotch is quiet this week, aside from our attempts at waking up early. We turn to community questions and discuss the importance of playing games when you're developing them, and why none of us would ever become a youtube prankster.
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Ep 51 - Coffee w/ Butterscotch - Fanta Steak Demon

May 26, 2016

Adam's throat is exploding this week so Sam and Seth tackle how to perform a blood sacrifice, why daily quests suck, and why it's hard to teach a pig to sing! Subscribe on iTunes (, Stitcher (, or SoundCloud ( Influence the next cast at

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Ep 49 - Coffee w/ Butterscotch - Whipped Cream Wrist Sphincter

May 12, 2016

This episode we talk about TEAMWORK, the importance of psychological safety, and why we'd much rather shoot whipped cream out of our wristholes than hotdogs. Subscribe on iTunes (, Stitcher (, or SoundCloud ( Influence the next cast at

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Ep 48 - Coffee w/ Butterscotch - Robomowing Ghost Goats

May 5, 2016

We just wanted to remind you that YOU'RE GOING TO DIE! And that your perception of time will only make you hurtle toward your death with increasing speed! So quit messin' around, listen to some songs by Jon Lajoie, and start doing stuff with your life. Subscribe on iTunes (, Stitcher (, or SoundCloud ( Influence the next cast at

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Welcome to the family, CAROL MERTZ!

May 3, 2016

Want to join our team? We're growing the studio in big ways and have an opening for a Game Mechanic. Apply today!

The three of us brothers have been jamming for nearly 4 years now and in that time we've frequently run into BIG OL' BOTTLENECKS.

One of those bottlenecks is, well, ME. While all my time would ideally be going into the development of the art and lore for our games, the truth is that I only get to spend 1/3rd of my Butterscotch time developing them.

Why? Because as a three person studio, each person has to wear a TON of different hats. In my case, those extra hats became social media, community management, PR, Marketing, trailer creation, IP expansion, merch production, event coordination, and general outreach.

After Crashlands' successful launch we sat down and looked at the jobs we were all performing in the studio and realized that as long as we're all wearing so many hats, we can't devote the time we need to make our games the best they can be.

So it was time to find a new head to put some of these hats onto. We needed someone who was an organizational Mozart, matched our sassiness and sense of humor, and was an experienced developer. Someone who cared deeply not just for games, but for our vision of Butterscotch. This person would take over all the hype and community management for our studio, and also find cool new ways to bring our characters and worlds to life. They'd be like gasoline on our tiny, smoldering game fire. A catalyst, if you will.

Luckily, we knew exactly the person we could bring on to solve this problem.

Introducing... CAROL MERTZ!
We've known Carol for YEARS. She's a powerful game developer, has years of experience as a web developer, guides the gamedev community's growth here in St. Louis, and is phenomenal at karaoke.

Here are just a tiny handful of the zillions of things Carol has pulled off in the past few years:
  • Successfully developed, funded, and distributed her own satirical card game about Corporate Responsibility Management: Pass the Buck
  • Co-founded and grew a successful software and web dev firm
  • Co-led and grew Happy Badger Studio, a local indie game dev studio
  • Co-founded and helps to organize PixelPop Festival, the annual games, music, and gamedev conference in St. Louis.
We frankly couldn't be more excited to have Carol joining us - she's just the right person to take Butterscotch to the next level.

If you want to say hey to Carol, hop into this forum thread and welcome her warmly to the Butterscotch family. With her on board, we'll be able to not only make better games, faster, but also to hang out with the community in more entertaining and meaningful ways.

She'll be starting in June, so prepare yourselves for a 300% boost in Butterscotch sass.